Evaluating ROI on Home Improvement Projects

Considering the benefits of an ROI, or return on investment, project? Your first goal should be to locate the best of the best in home improvement contractors. More people are recognizing the many benefits of remodeling projects for their homes. Despite the economy, many believe, and rightly so, an investment in one’s property is always wise. It’s the sure-fire way to increase the appraised value, which will serve your purpose when you’re ready to sell.

So how do you know a reliable contractor when you’ve met one? As with everything else, a good contractor can provide solid references of his past projects. He’s worked hard to maintain his reputation and knows he can rely on his past clients for referrals. Still, you’ll want to do your own research. The first best place to start is with your state’s licensing board. The fact is, most contractors have strong work ethics and take pride in their work. After you’re satisfied you’ve found the best contractor in your area, ensure he’s on the same page as you in terms of your goals. You’ll have your budget, expectations and other specific ideas on how the finished ROI project will look. Keep in mind, however, your contractor might offer a better way of getting those results or he might be able to provide an alternative to that spiral staircase you envision. The goal is to have an experienced professional by your side who can not only complete the project, but provide his professional insight as well as the remodel progresses.

In addition to larger projects like remodeling, many homeowners find great ROI with smaller projects. A fresh coat of paint from a local painting company or installing some crown molding in your dining room might only cost a few hundred dollars, but yields the finishing touches that really add value.

Your goal is to not only protect your investment, but to increase its value as well. Before long, you’ll have a completed project and will wonder why you put it off so long.

RTSS stands for Real Tips and Solutions for Success. RTSS Home provides tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your biggest investment… your home!

Other RTSS Acronyms:

RTSS – Real Time Secure Shopping
Real Time Scoring System
Real-Time Systems Symposium
Réseau de Télécommunications Sociosanitaire (French: Quebec Health Computing Network)
Residential Telephone Service Survey (Canada)
Real-Time System Simulator
Real Time Simulation System
Real Time Supportability System
Red Telephone Switching System
Remote Transfer Switching System
Remote Transmit Selector System
Real Time Software Solutions